Several trails, marked by the C.A.I., begin from Parre; among them, the 240 trail which from the end of ViaCampella leads to MountTrevasco, Forcella, and MountFop, ultimately reachingMountLeten and Camplano’s hut. The 241 trail begins at the end of Via Campella, leading to Mount Alino and reaching the top of Mount Vaccaro. Also noteworthy is the 242 trail begging from the hamlet of Cossaglio and wending its way through the Dossana Valley; it ultimately reaches the refuge Santa Maria in Leten.
Parre is also an integral part of the Alto Serio itinerary, a trail passing through Cossaglio, the hamlets of Sant’Alberto and Martorasco, reaching the Church of the Most Holy Trinity.

Mount Alino
Height 1,049 meters (3,442 feet) asl

Mount Alino has a gentle grassy slope with scattered farmsteads,facing north to Mount Vaccaro and south to the Serio river with steep ridges. Mount Alino top is known as Grom. It is bordered to the east by “Al di Frà”, the Friars Valley, and to the west by the Fontagnù Valley. The term Alino stems from Mount of Flax, as it was called for centuries due to the cultivation of flax, an important textile plant.

Heigh  2,322 meters (7,618 feet)  asl

Mount Fop, at the top of the Dossana Valley, is a Dolomite-looking mountain whose northern slopes overlook Val Canale. It is the second-highest peak of the Pre-Alps chain of Bergamo, which from Mount Vaccaro top (1,957 meters) extends up to Mount Secco. The dialect term “fopa” means hole, dip, and is an ancient word used in Lombardy and Trentino. At the foot of this majestic peak, there is a sort of hollow where snow lies for a long time.

Heigh 2,088 meters (6,850 feet)  asl

Forcella is an alpine pasture area on the orographic left of the Dossana Valley, with a ridge reaching over 2,000 metersin height. It has a mild configuration with wide bumps and shallow hollows. At an altitude of 1,718 meters, there is the Forcella hut (Baita Forcella). The alpine pasture can be reached following several trails, in less than an hour walk from the Vaccaro Alp or in about two-hour walk from Parre following the 240 trail which leads to Mount Trevasco.

Heigh 2,095 (6,873 feet) asl

The mount with its alpine pastures and its hut is part of Parre’s territory, even though its use was assigned to the municipality of Ponte Nossa. The GAEN, the alpine hiking group of Ponte Nossa, actually runs the refuge Santa Maria in Leten located on the western side of the Nossana Valley. The refuge is dedicated to Luigi Santamaria. It is a reasonable hypothesis that the term “Leten” would mean lead since this area was a site of mining activity in the Middle Ages.

Heigh  1,496 meters (4,908 feet) asl

MountTrevasco islocated to the north of Parre, between Val de Fontagnù to the east and the Dossana Valley to the west. With a grassy slope and many farmsteads, the mount reaches 1,496 meters in height with the Sponda peak. Over past centuries, this mount was the site of regular mining activity for zinc extraction. However, at the beginning of the 70s, the activity was interrupted because mines were considered unproductive.

Heigh 1,957 meters (6,421 feet) asl

Behind the town lies Mount Vaccaro, an alpine pasture with three huts. Currently, on the southern slope, there is a cozy refuge, a popular destination for hikers. The refuge is generally open on request; however, the bivouac, located on the right-hand side of the building, is always open. Nearby the renovated “baita di mezzo” (literally “middle hut”) is used for herdsmen’s activities. Vaccaro Refuge WEBPAGE



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