Church of Saint Roch

In the urban center of Parre Sotto, one of the original cores of the town, there is a church or oratory dedicated to Saint Roch, whose origins date back to the end of the 15th century. It would seem that this church was built on the initiative of theBelliboni’s descendants, the ancientfeudallords of Parre. From the Belliboni, originally from Casnigo, not only derived the noble family of the Paar, with the Patriarch Mark, but for centuries they also had an extremely authoritative presence in Parre. Of greatest importance are the 18th-century pipe organ - probably a 1773 Bossi organ -recently restored, the 17th-century altarpiece representing the Madonna in Glory with Child Jesus, Saint Peter, Saint Roch, and Saint Sebastian as well as the 16th-century fresco of St. Mary of Graces. Sunday Mass at 8.30 am.

Church of the Most Holy Trinity

The oratory of the Most Holy Trinity is precisely on the top of Mount Cüsen (which means “rock” in Gaì, the shepherds’ language), where probably there was already a smallshrine or a semi-destroyed chapel. The first document attesting to its existence concerns the visit of Bishop Cornaro in 1565. The church was particularly builton the initiative of Giacomo Cominelli from Parre, knownasMistrù. For centuries, a special characteristic of the life within the oratory was the permanent presence of a hermit, a person who chose a solitary life - in some cases taking on religious commitments - being the church custodian. Over time, the church has undergone multiple restoration, conservation, and extension interventions. The bell tower - made of stone with three bells - is dated 1610, whereas the 8 adjacent custodian’s house and the Sarnico stone arcade date back to the 18th century. Another distinctive feature is that the Church of the Most Holy Trinity, unlike all the other churches typically facing east, was built facing northeast towards the rising sun, the symbol of Jesus. This was actually a compulsory choice given the underlying stone. The Madonna and Child fresco is of exceptional beauty and it has been venerated by believers for almost five centuries. The church arcade offers a breathtaking panorama; it can be enjoyed by taking steep steps starting about ten meters away from St. Christopher arch or “vià di Prècc”, a mule track that from St. Cristopher arch leads to Cima Campella and the fountain square, just ten minutes away from the sanctuary.

Church of St. Anthony of Padua

Surrounded by Mount Alino meadows and fresh air, in a beautifullocation, the oratory of St. Anthony of Padua was built for devotion after the 1630 plague. Over the past centuries, a chaplain officiated there in summer for families living in farmsteads, cultivating land and raising cattle. In the church, on the altar, there is an altarpiece depicting St. Anthony of Padua. It is, however, a copy of the precious original altarpiece by the painter Carlo Ceresa from Bergamo (1609-1679), which you can admire in the Chapel of Lourdes adjacent to the parish church. On the left wall, depicting a rare subject, an 18th-century painting by an unknown artist portrays the dying Blessed Alberto da Villa d’Ogna with a dove givinghim the Eucharist. Nowadays, the church is home to the former custodian’s nephew who, in addition to organizing several musical events, runs a permanent eatery, which has become a must-stop for hikers on nearby trails. You can reach the church in an hour’s walk from Cima Campella using the 241 trail, marked by the C.A.I. (the senior Italian alpine club).

St. Peter Church

News of our parish church was already contained in a parchment dated 1202. Meaningful traces of the ancient building have recently been found during restoration work. Of the 16th-century structure - detailed on the pastoral visit of St. Charles Borromeo in 1575 - only a part of the current bell-tower remains. Two priests from Parre decided to enlarge the church, therefore reaching its current size. The restoration work was so extensive that the “new” church was consecrated in 1736; Parre’s shepherds, in particular, made a significant contribution to the project. In the 19th century too, the church underwentseveralrenovationinterventions:the currentfacade is dated 1868, in 1880 multiple internal works were carried out, whereas in 1898 the pipe organ was replaced with a Balicco-Bossi one. In 1902 the nave floor was replaced and in 1964 the churchyard floor was redone. Especially noteworthy are several works by the sculptor and woodcarver Andrea Fantoni, including the wooden choir and the magnificent high altar. However, the greatest artwork in the church is the impressive 16th-century altarpiece by Giovanni Battista Moroni, depicting the Madonna and Child together with Saints Peter, Paul, and John. Inside there are other valuable paintings such as the Baptism of Jesus by Enea Salmeggia also known as “Talpino” (1570-1626), the Crucifixion by Giovan Paolo Cavagna (1550-1627) together with other artworks, particularly sculptures and inlay works. It is indeed a splendid church that must be discovered. Sunday Mass at 7 am, 10 am, and 6 pm; Saturday Mass at 6 pm.

Church of the Sacred Heart of Jesus

The church is located in Ponte Selva, a hamlet built at the end of the 19th century following the development of the textile industry thanksto the Pozzi family, who had their own factory there. These businessmen established a real workers’ village around their factory with boarding schools for the workforce, a school and a nursery for workers’ children. The church of the Sacred Heart was built at the end of the 19th century as a private chapel for the Pozzi family; however, it adopted the NeoGothic style - still visible today - only in 1927 when it became the church of the new parish of Ponte Selva. The main features of this architecturalstyle can be clearly identified, particularly turrets with spires above the entrance, a central rose window, and flying buttresses.In the church, there is still the altar recalling the Pozzi family. Sunday Mass at 11 am; Saturday Mass at 6 pm.



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